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The Best After School Activities for Teens in Brisbane

After School Activities for Teens Brisbane

Is it time to be looking for after school activities for teens in Brisbane.

You’ve already had a long day at work. 

If you find your teen has so much energy when you pick them up from school, and you have no idea how to keep them busy or entertained anymore. Maybe it’s time to research and sign them up for after school activities for teens in Brisbane

Why Should You Put Your Teen In An After School Activity?

After-school activities help to promote physical, mental and social benefits. They offer opportunities for teens to learn new skills, explore their talents, find support systems and make friends. 

Think about it. Your teen has been sitting in class for almost 7 hours. They completed their in-school assignments and received their participation points for the day. 

Best After School Activities for Teens in Brisbane

They could surely benefit from an after-school activity that allows them to release bottled up energy. 

Maybe it’s time to find some after school activities for teens in Brisbane.

Research states that participation in structured after-school activities boost students’ competence and self-esteem, school engagement and personal satisfaction. Research has also found a link between after-school activity engagement and higher grades in school. 

After-school activities include extra-curricular activities like school-based clubs or sports teams, community service programs, private lessons and mentoring programs

Here are 4 reasons your teen should be involved in after-school activities:

Breaks from school

Joining a club or community service club after school provides teens with a break from their studies. Depending on their interests, the activity can help them to destress and focus their minds on something they find fulfilling. 

Skills building

Its been proven, that after-school activities promote building skills within a discipline or activity, and it doesn’t matter whether your teen is a part of the debate club or martial arts, they are learning invaluable skills that they can use wherever they go. 

The greatest skills they can learn by juggling school with their extracurricular or after-school activities is time management and confidence. We have found that when a teen makes a commitment to an after-school activity, they become more responsible about balancing homework and chores with school and their extracurricular activities. These newfound responsibilities help to boost your teen’s confidence in themselves.

Social opportunities

Joining after-school activities helps teens boost their social skills. Being a part of a group or team promotes a sense of belonging, which is a basic human need. They provide teens with the ability to be in the same spaces as other teens who have similar interests. This helps teens start to build networks at a young age. 

Safe spaces

After-school programs provide safe spaces for teens. A high-quality program will provide structure for teens, with supportive relationships and codes of conduct to influence positive behavior. 

It should also provide an environment for teens to express themselves openly and resolve challenging tasks. 

After School Activities for Teens in Brisbane

Why Should Your Teen Try Martial Arts as an After-school Activity?

Martial arts is one of the best after-school activities because it provides similar benefits as the ones listed above. Here are 4 reasons your teen should try martial arts:


Teens Martial Arts Classes Boost Confidence

Martial arts will teach your teen confidence. As they continue to practice a skill and make corrections, they will become more confident in their abilities. 

It will also teach your teen that they are capable and competent enough to achieve their goals. This is a useful mindset that will transfer outside of class. 

Physical Fitness Improves for Teens Doing Martial Arts

Martial arts will teach your teen the importance of good health and physical fitness. Its an excellent workout due to the consistent conditioning and strength training provided in martial arts classes. 

Martial arts is known for enhancing cardiovascular fitness and building muscle. It will also help your teen build hand-eye coordination.

Martial Arts Teaches Teens Respect

Respect is an essential part of training in martial arts. Instructors model respect for their students. This encourages students to model the same behavior towards one another, their instructors and themselves. 

These values that are instilled in martial arts classes help kids thrive in school and in other social settings. 

Teens Learn Decision-Making Skills Through Martial Arts Lessons

Martial arts provide teens with the necessary tools to make hard decisions.  

At the end of the day, your teens are growing up. They’re maturing and forming their own identities and opinions of the world. Parents will not always be present to help guide their teen to make the right decisions. Teens have to learn to make them for themselves.  

Practising martial arts helps teens make better decisions for themselves, in and outside of class. The training that teens endure helps them to develop quick rational thinking skills. This helps them to quickly process information, assess situations and make informed decisions. This is an invaluable skill for your teen to learn.   

Focus Martial Arts is Perfect for After School Activities for Teens in Brisbane

Focus Martial Arts in Brisbane offers an after-school program for teens. We offer pick-up services to bring your child to our facility to train. As a parent, this means you won’t have to rush from work to pick up your child or worry if your child is safe. We’ve got you covered. 

Just like the other programs at Focus Martial Arts, our after-school program aims to teach your child self-defence techniques, while instilling confidence, responsibility, leadership and respect. Above all, our after-school program is all about having fun. 

Enroll Your Teen In Martial Arts Class Today for After School Activities for Teens in Brisbane

Best Teens After School Activities Brisbane

Focus Martial Arts is a self-defence, taekwondo and karate school located in Brisbane, Australia. Our goal is to help maximize and accelerate your teen’s potential. 

With our after-school program, your teen will learn discipline, gain confidence, build a community and pick up effective decision-making skills.

If you’re looking for an after-school activity for your teen, our school is for you. 

Currently, Focus Martial Arts is offering virtual and in-person classes for kids.  Especially as after school activities for teens in Brisbane

Plus, we’re offering a free private 1-on-1 class with a free on-demand video library. If you’re ready to register your child for martial arts, get your after-school free trial today! 


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