Best Ways to Throw a Martial Arts Themed Party in Gold Coast

Martial Arts Gold Coast

If you have kids that are deserving of a super fun birthday bash, you are going to need to think about the best children’s birthday party venues Gold Coast has to offer. If your kids are into martial arts, then look no further! We are here to let you know the best ways to celebrate […]

The Best School Holiday Activities for Kids in Brisbane

School Holiday Brisbane

Are you ready for the holidays? You probably have plans to wind up your office work or get the house in shape for visitors. Between all the errands that need to be run and the downtime to plan for yourself, there’s one more dilemma to solve: your kids’ vacation routine.  Children love vacations for reasons […]

Throw The Best Martial Arts Theme Party in Brisbane

Martial Arts Theme Party Brisbane Brisbane

Your child’s birthday party is fast approaching. As a good parent, you’d love to organize the best party for the kid. One which will take ages for them to forget. Unfortunately, the ideas to choose from are so limited. You are not sure exactly which one will work out. If this is a situation you […]

Martial Arts Birthday Party Gold Coast: The Best Birthday Venue

Martial Arts Party Gold Coast

As parents, we are constantly busy making ends meet while raising rambunctious and creative children. We want to be equally creative and responsive, giving them opportunities they’ll never forget. At Focus Martial Arts, Gold Coast, we provide an amazing and unique experience for any child: Martial Arts Themed Birthday Parties. With unlimited guests, action-packed games, […]

Why Parents Love The Best Kids Karate Classes in Brisbane

Best Kids Karate Classes Improve Focus

Best kids karate classes give your child focus and self control. Is that important to you? Best Kids karate classes in Brisbane is the answer. jksdfj;asfj askjlf jadls;f jklasd fljads f askdf kasdj fkla sdf asdk fasd fjflkdjadkf You will find that kids develop excellent skills that last a lifetime in our kids karate classes. […]

Fitness Program – How to ease First Day Of School Anxiety for Kids

Kids Fitness Program

Kids Fitness Program – makes a difference to the first day of school, whether it is Prep, Year 1, a new grade level, or a new school – this can indeed be one of the most stressful and anxious days – if you let it be. WHHAATTT????  “If I let it be???” But, is there […]

Kids Martial Arts Gold Coast is the Best Solution For Bullying in School

kids martial arts

Bullying has turned out to be a common problem in many places in the world and Kids Martial Arts Gold Cost emerges the solution to the problem. The media and poor socialisation have been the major factors that have led to increased rates of bullying. The effects of bullying on kids can cause lifelong trauma. Those who undergo this […]

The Best Karate Classes for Family in Gold Coast

Karate Classes Gold Coast

Are you looking for proficient karate classes in the Gold Coast? We are here to offer you a comprehensive solution that covers toddlers, kids, and parents. We understand that core curriculum activities are essential for the growth of any child, and you know what they say, work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Karate is one […]

Focus Martial Arts Brisbane Teaching Family Values With The Badge Of The Month: FAMILY

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Focus Martial Arts Brisbane teaches more than just self defence.  As your family values partner, our instructors & parents love the ‘Badge Of The Month’ system.  Whereby students can earn a  specific badge designated for that month.  They are to show improvement in those attributes at home, at the club & at school. November 2014 Badge of […]