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Tournament QLD Championship 2023 24th Sep - Focus Martial Arts

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about ISKA Tournaments

Yes!  Due to health regulations you will need your own equipment.
Safety equipment required for Sparring, Sword & Sumo is:
* Head Guard
* Mouth Guard
* Groin Guard (males)
* Shin Pads
* Foot Guards
* Gloves
You can order these items from Focus Martial Arts 

Absolutely!  As as team we get behind our competitors.  Encouraging them, cheering them on & supporting them.  There are no losers – as stepping outside your comfort-zone is ALWAYS WINNING!

Medals and trophies are given to usually 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each division.
Spectators can pay online or at the door $10 each & family packages too.

No, not at all!  This is actually a GREAT tournament for beginners through to advanced.

Instructor Mia will guide students to which divisions to enter.  It is recommended that if a student is new to tournament – to enter point sparring for your first tournament.

FREE BONUS:  For students not currently in Competitions class – Focus Martial Arts will give you FREE competitions classes on Thursdays 5:45pm until the tournament – to understand the rules & develop your strategy.

Competitors are welcome to travel privately with their families or join the team on the Ninja bus. If you need a ride, please book early as seats on the bus are limited. 

Wear your. uniform or club tshirt.

Full uniform is needed for all competition participation.

Main categories we enter are:
– Sparring (Point sparring &/or Clash Sparring)
– Patterns 
– Sumo
– Sword

There are female & male divisions for each age group.

Technically, you can add additional categories on the day.
We recommend setting the goal, so register ASAP.
The more categories you enter – the cheaper the entry fee for additional categories.

Best thing – chat with Instructor Mia – she will help you and recommend what you should do.

We all get nervous doing something new for the first time.  But it gets easier the more you do.

Instructor Kyle Parmley lost his first 11 tournaments and now is one of the best in the country.  Multiple times Australian champion and was on the Australian Team for the Junior World Championships. 

We all start as a beginner to tournaments – no matter what belt.
Instructor Mia will guide you to the best path for each specific student.
You can call her on 0403 963 003.

Chat with Team Captain – Chief Instructor Mia

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Doors Open 8am


All Saints Anglican School

Highfield Drive, Merrimac
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