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Kids Karate Lesson: Is It Important? Know The Benefits For Your Child

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Karate Lessons for kids are a great after school activity.  Karate is a martial art or a self defence method involving a variety of techniques mostly using quick kicks, sharp punches, and snapping joint movements. Many consider it to be a well-rounded martial art that if you start karate classes at a young age and move on to other styles, you’ve developed somewhat of a base. 

It can also be a way of life (karate-do) that goes beyond applications of self-defense. According to experts, traditionally in karate-do, the true opponent is one’s self. That’s why most people describe karate as a self-development system. No wonder a lot of parents today are considering karate lessons for kids so they can be honed into better citizens of the world later on. 

If you’ve ever seen The Karate Kid, you know practising martial arts is more than just a sport.  Listed below are a few reasons why taking karate lessons are a great thing for kids to try.  

Karate Lessons Teach Self-Defense Techniques 

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The ability to defend yourself against a bully or stranger who intends to do you harm is an empowering feeling. This is one of the top reasons why parents are enthused in considering karate classes for kids. In today’s world where bullying is present in most schools and parks are not safe for children anymore, children must be gifted with the techniques to defend themselves.   

Karate Lessons Improve Physical Health

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Did you know that childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 25 years? The first step to preventing childhood obesity is addressing the problem before it occurs. According to researchers, participating in karate lessons and martial arts, in general, will help address obesity at the onset. Karate lessons will also help students understand the value of regular exercise — one of the most useful lifetime habits.  

If your child is considering playing other sports in school, then they’ll certainly enjoy the boost that karate for kids gives their athletic performance. Because karate is such an intense physical workout, it also improves stamina, muscle tone, flexibility, balance , and strength.   

Karate Lessons Improve Mental Health

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Karate is a perfect application of the Zen concept “Be Here, Now!”  This is one of the perfect reasons why you should get karate classes for kids.   

Taking karate lessons will exhaust and push students to their limits. Once students are pushed to the limit, he/she uses 100% of their mental concentration to get results more efficiently. Mastering ‘focus’ is a great tool a child can use in improving his/her academic performance.   

Karate Lessons Help Build Self-Esteem and Boost Self-Confidence

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A child who is involved in martial arts is generally a child who is confident in himself/herself.  Goals give purpose and direction. The sense of accomplishment a child feels by graduating to a new belt will help build his/her self-esteem and confidence. He/she will remember that all things are possible with persistent effort and when you exercise discipline, and karate classes are a perfect way to do this while having heaps of fun. 

Karate Classes Teach Great Morals and Values

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In karate classes, students are taught a ‘Black Belt Attitude’ and students are shown and explained the right attitude, frame of mind and virtues to strive for whether it be in class, at the mall and most importantly, at home. Not only will your kid learn self-defense skills in karate. Furthermore, in karate lessons courses, punching, kicking, and other techniques are done secondary to the respect they learn.

For a toddler, signing them up for karate lessons for toddlers will mean that they will quickly learn about impulse control, managing their anger or sadness, and increasing their own self-discipline.  In karate schools, teachers will also frequently correct students so they can be more open to criticism and be able to take instruction and follow directions while growing up.  

Karate Lessons Promote Teamwork and Positive Social Interaction

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Teamwork is necessary for any young child to develop. It is at this stage that they develop an understanding and confidence in their ability to work with others. Karate lessons are all about collaboration.  Students will learn how to work with others and boost their leadership skills.  They can help each other through sparring practices and other lessons to master new techniques and accomplish their goals. Enrolling your child in karate lessons for kids will give them the opportunity to meet new and more diverse set of friends. Thus, helping them foster positive social interactions.  

Karate Lessons for kids will lessen their Time in Front of Screens

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A recent study covered by the BBC found that the average child spends at least six hours out of every day in front of the screen, be it a smartphone, a tablet, a computer or a TV. And all that time is a risk and could help promote a sedentary lifestyle. In most cases, it can also influence your child’s ability to properly register emotions, process information and cognitive control. By letting them take on karate lessons for kids, you can help your child be active. Now they can  improve on all the other aspects of self-development which is far more important than spending hours on screen.   

Some Common Questions About Kids Karate Classes

Kids Karate Lessons Is It Important? Know The Benefits For Your Child

What Is A Good Age To Start My Kids in Karate or Martial Arts Classes?

At Focus Martial Arts Brisbane, we start our kids karate classes from 3 years of age. This is perfect for getting them ready for school. Teaching them to listen, pay attention and focus will give them the edge when starting prep or school. In our Little Ninjas program our students learn there is a time for fun and play, and a time for listening and paying attention.

My Child Isn’t Very Good At Sports. Will They Fit In?

We find martial arts is the perfect sport for kids that may not be very good at sports. It’s an individual sport done in a group. So children have a friendly environment of learning with other kids, but not the negativity they can experience in team sports if they are not great at the sport. They can develop at their pace, and not feel like they are letting the team down. The instructors will guide each student and encourage them to be their best – not necessarily the best in the class, just their personal best. This builds a child’s confidence by achieving small successes each class to ultimately achieve their goal of their next belt.

Try Kids Karate Classes For Yourself.

If you are looking for karate lessons for your child or yourself, then you might want to take advantage of the FREE martial arts trial at Focus Martial Arts Brisbane.  Give your child an advantage in school and in life. You can book your FREE trial program here.


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