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Best Karate Lessons in Brisbane: How To Protect My Child Against Bullies?

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Has your child come home with a bad bruise on his shin or elbow once too often in the recent weeks or months? Has he or she been upset and irritable for ambiguous reasons that you just can’t seem to place a finger on? Do they constantly make up excuses to avoid school? Well, then these are clear signs that your child may be facing issues with a bully at school. A bully is a member of the same peer or age group that your child comes into contact with regularly and who exhibits aggressive and offensive behavior towards the victim repeatedly.

Often, bullying amongst children, both girls and boys aged 3 to 12, will progress to the extent where your child is mentally and physically scarred and upset. The all important question over here is, well, how do we put an end to this problem then? The solution may lie in enrolling your child into a karate for kids academy in Brisbane.

Types of Bullying

Attending a karate lesson can help teach your children to combat the unfair treatment they are facing, identify themselves as strong members of society, and become more resilient to the emotional taunts and insults that can be so difficult to bear with. Bullying is typically classified into three main categories. These are:

  1. Direct Bullying (physical): This involves actions, such as pushing, tripping up, hitting or damaging property.

  2. Direct Bullying (verbal): This is the milder form, involving elements like racist remarks, insults, name calling, and verbal abuse. However, this can have a longer lasting effect on your child’s confidence and emotional state of mind.

  3. Indirect Bullying: We would say that this is the hardest form of bullying as it is the most difficult to pinpoint and recognize. Often, the victim himself will be unaware of it. It mainly involves humiliating the victim by speaking of them behind their back and spreading false rumors. This could involve the use of chat rooms, social media websites, and mostly just word-of-mouth.

Attending youth karate classes can be helpful in the remedy of all of the above three kinds of bullying. Consistency of attendance and counseling your child at home will complement the process of therapy and recovery for a victimized child. Soon, you will find that your child no longer takes the bullying at school quite as seriously. You will find that he or she is more confident and aware of their individual rights as a member of society and the school they attend. You will find their self-confidence and resilience rise as their physical skills at karate self defense improve.

How Karate Lessons Can Help Your Child to Deal with Being Bullied 

As a parent, it can be heart-breaking to hear the trouble that your child has been facing with bullies in school or a play area. You need to help your child battle the oncoming emotional and physical abuses of bullying while firmly supporting them. At the same time, it is your duty as a parent to remain within the constraints of school and community policies as long as is possible. The solution is definitely not to simply remove your child from the challenging environment.

Doing this will only teach your child that escapism is the solution to life’s problems. Instead, you want to teach your child to toughen up a little and face the problems with full confidence and belief in themselves. These are traits that your child will only learn when he knows that he is physically strong enough and capable of defending himself against the onslaught of playground bullies if required. That’s where karate lessons 4 kids come in.

Sending him or her to kids karate lessons will help your child believe and accept that he or she is more than capable of fending for himself. His practical karate skills will help him defend himself and act as a safety harness in the case that the bullying progresses to the level of a physical assault. Also, being awarded black, red, blue, and yellow belts in our karate classes will further motivate him, change his mindset, and help him to ultimately conquer bullying. A past student of ours, Tom Hankins, 12, from Mansfield, said, “Ever since I’ve started attending these karate lessons for kids, I refuse to take a single bully lying down. I am so much happier and stronger now!”

What if Your Child is the Bully?

In every case where someone is being bullied, there is a victim and a victimizer. Often, when bullying takes place amongst kids, in school or on a playground, the person doing the bullying is also of the same age. In fact, you could one day come upon the unpleasant piece of information that your innocent, sweet child, whom you have nurtured and raised with so much love and hard work over the years, has, in fact, taken up the role of being a the bully, a belligerent offender on his or her school grounds.

We also remind you at this point that it is not only a boy child that may be inclined to become a bully. Bulling is a very common problem amongst Australian school girls as well. It may be focused on different issues, but the central problem of bullying and being bullied remains the same.

How Karate Can Help if Your Child is the Bully

The truth is that more than one of our clients has been stuck in a rut and found themselves faced with this specific predicament. They are often shocked to discover that it is their innocent child who is the principal bully at school. However, enrolling the child into our karate classes has proven to be effective in helping resolve this problem. Through training in karate, the child gets the opportunity to expend their energy and aggression in a safe, positive and channeled activity. Karate students quickly begin to see the wrong in their bullying actions and restrict their behavior.

So, can karate lessons help deter your child from his or her habit of bullying others? Well, our answer to that is a most-definite YES. Once your child starts to attend karate lessons for kids, he will learn self-discipline and respect for his peers. Compassion and demonstration of empathy are vital parts of our karate lessons. Your child will be taught that bullying is extremely inappropriate.

Enroll Your Child in Karate Lessons in Brisbane Today!

The most important lesson that a karate lesson will teach your kids is that physical power and strength are elements of their being that they must learn to control and use only where appropriate and in a positive manner. You will notice that as soon as he or she starts attending our karate lessons Brisbane, they stop wasting their energy on bullying others if they are the bully or defend themselves when being bullied by others if they are the victim.

Other resources that may help your child or you as the parent in dealing with bullying issues.

My Child Is Being Bullied, What Can I Do?

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