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Best Children’s Martial Arts After School Program In Brisbane

children's martial arts brisbane

Years ago, as I grew up, the best after school activities program, consisted of a bunch of local kids gathering together to play in the street or the local park. That has all changed, quite dramatically.

We used to play in the park for hours on end, and have such fun. So what has changed?

Parents of today have a differing outlook on what they want for their child, they want more than just having fun as the sole objective of after school activities for their children. So what do they want? They want more. They want the best after school activities for their precious child.

They want an after school program that provides care and teaching in an environment that is nurturing and supportive of a child’s developmental and educational needs, as well as enjoyable. That is what you get with  Focus Martial Arts’ activities for after school care.

Finding The Best After School Activities   

So, how does one go about finding the best for their child?

Finding an organization or a club that adheres to the same values and principles that you hold dear to your heart is a brilliant way to start. Expecting the same standards that you want your child to live by should be your starting point.
Finding a way to, not just entertain your child, but instead, initiate a program that nurtures and embodies a parents’ belief in their child’s abilities and then being able to instill that same belief into that child, this is what Focus Martial Arts can do for your child.

A club or organization that shows a healthy respect  of children’s martial arts brisbane for individual differences and acknowledges the value of uniqueness in each child and can be trusted to foster the potential of that child.

Providing Caring Disciplines.

Discipline is something all children need. Disciplines are what should be provided.

Being firm. A good teacher does not bark out demands. The best teachers guide a child in the right direction, thereby arousing self- control, competency, self-sufficiency and self-esteem, showing your child how to stand tall and aspire to greatness. Possibly, the greatest gift they give a child is the gift of self-esteem.

Children’s martial arts brisbane are being attentive by paying attention when a child is expressing themselves, shows you place great importance on what they are saying and you  value  their imput. In this way you build on their self-esteem.

Acknowledgement. A pat on the back, when a child performs well, showing appreciation for a job well done, nurtures a child’s self-esteem and builds on a bond of trust between both pupil and instructor. Praise makes your child feel good but encouragement acknowledges the effort they put in. Trusting is believing. By building and sharing trust, you are building on a child’s self-belief and showing you believe in them.

Evaluation Process

Evaluating the list of after school activities is the best way of finding a perfect match.

Does it offer a customized service, such as after school pickup, age appropriate learning, flexibility in time frames and days.

Observe the standard of training. Is the tuition of a high standard? Is it a clean and friendly environment and are the other children happy and excited to be there? Do you have to be fit to participate and what ages do they cater for?

What are the facilities like, are they comfortable surroundings, is there plenty of equipment and in what condition is the equipment that is in use? Is it in need of repair. Is there plenty of room for your child to have fun and does it look like a fun place to be. A child needs to have fun in order to learn.

Do they have a website, read through the list of testimonials to guage other parents level of satisfaction and their comments. Is it a safe environment with plenty of cushioned matting so your child will be protected. Do they use other safety equipment. Do they supply all the safety equipment necessary. Do they provide variety in their programs?


One of the very best and strongest forms of evaluation is to look at an organization through their reputation. Judging past performance is vital,  knowing that the people you may entrust with the safety, disciplinary and after school learning of  your precious child, is in capable hands. The fact that they may have a free trial is an assuring way to see the proof in the pudding for yourself.

One other thing, I might add, is an evaluation on your child’s performance.  In children’s martial arts brisbane. It is important to know that a reporting process is in place to see where any improvements can be made, either to enhance your childs enjoyment of the program or the  organization or club’s performance. Improvement comes with awareness.

Overall, I certainly believe Focus Martial Arts to be in the very top percentage of Brisbane’s southside best after school programs. You still should find out why it is so much fun!