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Brisbane Karate Academy: Choosing The Best School for Your Child

brisbane karate academy

So far in 2014, you will notice that an abundance of new and upcoming local karate schools have opened up shop in Australia. Be it Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney, the practice of making sure that our children are physically fit and skilled at a variety of sports has almost evolved into a basic minimum necessity. Something that once was considered a luxury that only the rich and wealthy amongst the Australians can afford is today a strong trend in parenting, and rightly so!

Keeping in stride with the present scenario, you will want to make sure that you select only the best and most suitable karate school when it comes to your precious children. In this article, we share with you some invaluable tips on selecting the best Brisbane karate academy!

Conducting a Background Check on Your Karate School of Choice

Before deciding to go ahead and send your children to the karate school down the block just because it is most convenient to drop and pick the kids from, remember that your child will be spending several hours over the next few months in this karate studio. It should be a safe and reliable place where you can rest assured that your child is in good, experienced hands. Every member of the instruction and operations team who will come into contact with your child should possess a valid Blue Card permit for working with children in Queensland.

A good way to conduct this much-needed background check on the karate studio is by asking to look at their documentation and registration certificates. This will also help you gauge the standards of teaching and learning that the school practices. For example, schools that have been around for 20 or more years and those that are linked up with official martial arts bodies, such as the Australian Karate Federation, typically have higher standards of teaching.

At Focus Martial Arts Brisbane, we are happy to let you have a look at our legal documentation, staff’s teaching accreditation, and legal registrations as an official martial arts school and training provider. Testimonials and referees from past clients of ours are on public display through our website. We strongly believe in practicing what we preach. We make every effort to execute all activities at the centre with a high degree of transparency to our students and their parents.

Finding Cost-Effective Karate Places for Kids in Brisbane

When you choose to work with one of the more popular karate places such as the Focus Martial Arts Brisbane academy, you’re in for a treat as far as class rates and pricing is concerned. We make it a priority to ensure that our lessons are affordable to the masses. Plus we offer great family discounts.  As our philosophy is that ‘Families that play together, stay together’.

You will be happy to learn that a significant portion of the profits we make, after payment of karate instructors’ salaries and overheads, does go into the bettering the facilities we provide to your child. Seminars, guest instructors, state-of-the-art karate equipment, and overseas trips are an integral part of our multi-faceted karate education programs. The best part is how we offer in a free trial program for your child, no strings attached. You will receive a free semi-private lesson with one of our Australian Champion Instructors.  We want to assess your child to determine the most suitable classes for them and to teach them what skills they will be doing in their first group class.  We are totally focused on building a child’s confidence, so that when they actually participate with the 10 or more students in their class for the first time, they don’t feel inadequate.  We deliberately teach them those skills that will have them leaving their first group class feeling confident that they can do most of the techniques and have had fun doing so.  It makes sense to complete the trial program first,  to have a try at karate first to see how much they like it before making any kind of long-term commitment.

Ranking is NOT Everything

Yes, you may come across several lists on the web that painstakingly name the best karate schools in Australia, according to them. Please keep in mind that most of these lists have been prepared aiming at the general Australian children’s population or to specifically promote the academy that has prepared and published it. Typically, such listings will use criteria, such as ranking, amount of government funding received, and the service provider’s previous industrial reputation and record.

Of course, these are all legitimate factors that you, as a parent, should be concerned about when selecting the best karate academy for your child. Nevertheless, we would try to emphasize here that, at the end of the day, the significance of a high ranking amongst other schools is very limited indeed. And, we, by no means, are saying that ranking is completely unimportant.

However, not every Brisbane Karate Academy that ranks highly is the best school for your child. For example, a school may only hire karate instructors that are black belt or 7th degree holders. They identify this instructor as someone who is ‘adequately’ qualified to teach your child karate. Except, another teacher with a mere 2nd degree black belt may be able to better understand your child and the ways in which he or she learns karate or taekwondo best.

Defining the ‘Best Karate School for Your Child’

Whether it’s karate classes, swimming lessons, football sessions, or dance classes that you are aspiring to enroll your child into, it is vital that you carefully assess each institute on your list and select an academy that ticks all the boxes.

For some of our budget-conscious parents, the perfect karate lesson may be one that is most affordable and convenient to commute to. For others, the perfect dance or karate classes in Brisbane are those which are most popular; basically where everyone else is going. Neither party would be wrong in most cases.

In fact, how we define the ‘best school’ for karate training or football practice is really perhaps what gels best with our priorities and requirements at that point in time. Nevertheless, through this article, we have provided some insight into the criteria that one should judge a local martial arts or karate school by in order to make an unbiased decision that is favorable for both you and your child.

Contact Focus Martial Arts for Your FREE TRIAL Lesson Today!

Please get in touch with our Focus Martial Arts Brisbane academy customer service team for a full list of our karate academy class fees. Every package has been designed with the average Australian family’s budgets in mind. So, our pricing at Focus Martial Arts Brisbane is extremely affordable, and we offer great family discounts.

Remember that by enrolling your child into our dojo, you will be making a lifelong investment into your child’s future, self-confidence and his or her development into a bright and respected member of the society. We encourage you to get in touch with us ASAP for more information about enrolling your kids in our Brisbane karate dojos.


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