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Focus Martial Arts Brisbane Teaching Family Values With The Badge Of The Month: FAMILY

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Focus Martial Arts Brisbane teaches more than just self defence.  As your family values partner, our instructors & parents love the ‘Badge Of The Month’ system.  Whereby students can earn a  specific badge designated for that month.  They are to show improvement in those attributes at home, at the club & at school.

November 2014 Badge of the Month is the ‘Family’ Badge.  Students are to show improvement in how they treat and interact with their home family & club family.  So at home, how they show respect, kindness, sharing and caring for their family members.  We are looking for improvement (not perfection – though as a parent, wouldn’t you love it – even for 1 day).

The best way to utilize the Badge of the Month System – is to have a family meeting & each family member can contribute what they would like to see improve.  Ask the student first, what they think would be worthy of earning this Badge Of The Month.  Make a list.  Maybe not choose EVERYTHING on the list – but choose a few that are the most important.

Write an agreement….  I agree that to earn the FAMILY Badge of the month, at home I need to improve in the following areas.





Respect:  Improvement in the way they respectfully speak to family members

  • Answering when spoken to.

  • How they speak to siblings – less yelling and arguing and more explaining how they feel & what they dislike.   Instead of yelling – Give Me My Toys!   I would like my toys back please and in future, please ask before taking them.

  • Manners – using please and thank you and excuse me.

  • At the club – this could be saying. Sorry, I’m a higher belt than you, could I stand here please – instead of just pushing someone down the line.

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Kindness:  Being thoughtful and thinking of others.

  • Mum, you look like you have your hands full, would you like some help?

  • It’s dinner soon, do you need me to do something before dinner?

  • At the club – if someone pushes in in line – instead of arguing – just ask “I see you really want to have a turn before me. Would you like to take this spot in front of me?”

Sharing, Caring:

  • Sharing toys or food with siblings – without argument or complaining.

  • Caring for pets, by remembering to feed them & walk them.

  • Caring for possessions – putting toys away after using them,in their correct place.
  • Caring for our family – by not leaving a mess for others to have to clean up. Be it toys, computer games, cups & plates etc.

  • Caring about our education – by getting our homework done asap & done properly, without having to be asked.

These are just some examples of how you can use the Focus Martial Arts Brisbane FAMILY Badge in your home.

We love this badge system as it reinforces what we teach in our martial arts, taekwondo and kids karate classes.  By building character through self defence.

  • Respect – for themselves and others.

  • Self control – to speak of their emotions rather than using their fists or tears.

  • Focus – they see that if they focus on being kind and thoughtful with their family that they actually do behave that way, and it takes less effort.

  • Self Esteem – praises from parents and instructors when we see them acting appropriately to earning their badge.

Remember, these badges are EARNT, not automatically given.

Students need to be nominated [by the due date] by a parent (with specific examples of what they have done/improved to be earning the badge), and by an instructor to actually earn the badge.

What To Do If Its Not Working?

This is where the instructors at Focus Martial Arts Brisbane are here to help as your family values partners.  Just remind your child of the agreement they have with you and that their current behaviour is not suitable for earning the FAMILY  Badge.  If this behaviour continues, then they will need to tell their instructor (or be specific & choose a particular instructor) about their behaviour.

The best thing you can do – is have them tell the instructor.  Don’t just use it as a threat.  You will probably only have to do it once – but it feels like torture to them to have to tell their instructor & we will just then re-inforce what the badge is about & why it’s important and make sure they understand (which they always do) what is expected of them to earn the badge.  Really we will just be saying what you, as the parent, are trying to teach – but someone else saying the same thing – works wonders.  THIS is what the badge system is in place for – to help parents and instructors to teach these developing students about character development.  Together we can help them to learn these valuable life skills that are important in your family and in Focus Martial Arts Brisbane.

Nominations for November 2014 Family Badge close 28th November 2014

Nominate Here.


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