Kids Karate – How To Build Leadership Skills For Your Children

Kids Karate

Of all the benefits kids karate lessons can bring into your child’s life, leadership is one of the tops in the list.  If you think about it, don’t you agree that all of our life skills (discipline, respect, focus, resilience, etc) combine into one attribute: LEADERSHIP.

Becoming a Leader through Kids Karate Lessons

Every child has the potential to become a leader. Whether your child is a struggling orange belter or a second-degree blue belt, what’s important is the desire to help and lead others.

Most of the children who have enrolled in our martial arts lessons have become excellent leaders over the years. It’s true that most were shy on the get-go, but once they focused on achieving their goals and having a ‘Black Belt Attitude’ , their leadership qualities came into play.

Here are some proven ways on how kids karate lessons can develop your child’s leadership skills:

Be confident.

Great leaders believe in themselves and resist peer pressure. The praise and recognition children receive in a good martial arts kids program truly help build their self-confidence. Whether they perfect a certain technique or follow instructions better, these small steps in the child’s progression towards the next belt means a lot to them, and hence, should be celebrated.

Be positive and proactive.

Nobody follows a leader with a negative attitude. Even us adults, we gravitate toward positive thinkers. By enrolling them into kids karate lessons, they will develop a can-do attitude, and this rubs off on other kids. Negative thinking has no place in our Focus Martial Arts Brisbane club. As you know, a leader not only leads but also inspires others to have a positive outlook.

Learn how to communicate better.

Most kids these days are bent on communicating with others. Because of the digital age of iPad and gadgets, kids are now more inclined into screens rather than sharing a laugh or a conversation with other kids and adults alike. A good martial arts kids program will help children learn to raise their hands up to explain something to a large group or to participate in activities that will require them to communicate.

On top of children coming out of their shells and getting comfortable in trying to explain things in front of a class, they also learn the value of taking turns and playing by the rules. And these are some of the stuff they learn in martial arts schools —  that if everyone feels like they are treated fairly, the entire class is happy.

So not only are they now armed with the confidence to speak, they also know the value of respect. By listening well, children can develop their open mindedness and their tolerance of other peoples’ opinions — a mark of a great leader.

Goal setting.

To be a leader, it’s not enough to have a big vision.  While that’s a great start, you also need to set goals and take action to achieve that grand vision.

By creating checklists, or working their way through lists of techniques needed for their next grading, children learn to manage their goals and the time frame on how and when they can achieve it.

Be a good follower. 

As per a famous maxim: “To be a good teacher, you need to be a good student”. The same is true of leadership: You cannot lead others without being a good follower first. All leaders pay their dues by being loyal and respecting their mentors, instructors and teachers.  By enrolling your child to kids karate lessons, they can be taught valuable advise by their instructors on how they can be better leaders in the future.

kids karate classes

By being a loyal and respectful follower, they’ll gain respect and admiration from others and understand that in order to be successful, they need to put in the time, hard work and effort to earn their way to the top, just like how they’re instructors did. Being a great follower is the biggest secret behind being a great leader.

Building leadership skills in our children is one of the best things we can do to ensure they have a bright future. Give them the edge and enroll now in our kids karate classes.

At Focus Martial Arts Brisbane, we tailor our kids karate classes in building the necessary life skills to ensure that our students improve in their martial arts lessons skills as well as skills for all parts of their life – at school, at home and in their careers.

Join our growing community with a free trial of karate classes for kids at Focus Martial Arts Brisbane.



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