Karate Lessons: 7 Life Skills Your Child Will Learn and Master

Karate lessons

With today’s high-tech world, children are more distracted and often miss out on learning practical life skills to help them become more independent, productive adults. According to an essay on the importance of life skill education, life skills “can help people to make informed decisions, communicate effectively and develop coping and self-management skills that may help an individual to lead a healthy and productive life.” Most of life’s important skills are taught at school and at home. But there is no better program that covers physical education and character development like karate lessons do.

Discover these 7 essential Life Skills your child will develop while taking karate lessons.

Karate lessons helps develop CONFIDENCE

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As children work to earn their next belt level, they’re not only learning self-defence but are building their self-esteem, too. Once they’ve mastered new techniques, their confidence gets a boost. They start to feel good about themselves and become more self-assured of what they are capable of doing. The sense of purpose taught while they’re enrolled in karate classes for kids will extend far beyond the studio and make them confident adults in the long run.

Karate lessons teaches the value of COMMITMENT

In today’s world where individuals lack a sense of follow through on the commitments they make, taking karate classes for kids is a good start to teach young students to understand the value of commitment. Karate teaches them to go to practice even when they don’t feel like it because of their commitment to training.

Make commitment a habit!  The sooner this concept is enforced on them, the earlier they can grasp its importance. This habit will make them stronger to overcome life’s challenges in the future.

Karate lessons fosters PERSEVERANCE

With commitment, comes perseverance. The willingness to work on one’s self is an important life principle for them to learn to set themselves up for success.

Taking karate lessons is difficult. The only way to keep learning and growing is to stay positive and to continuously try even when you fail at it. Karate lessons will not only teach your kids to set expectations for themselves. It will also help them believe that continuous growth is what will make them better persons or future leaders.

Never giving up is an important life lesson that kids can learn during their karate classes for kids. The belt/ranking system in karate schools help children to set their goals and achieve them through perseverance.

Karate lessons instills SELF DISCIPLINE

Karate, or martial arts in general, is a physical expression of ‘practice makes perfect’. In karate schools, students are taught to perform series of related movements, hundreds of times. The controlled movements in karate lessons and the need to think before acting help improve self-discipline. Enrolling them to karate lessons for kids can help your child improve their ability to initiate accountability and self-restraint.

Karate lessons helps in establishing SELF CONTROL

Self-control refers to the training of one’s self to accomplish a certain task or to adopt a particular pattern of behavior. This mental toughness should be pursued above all physical attributes. Taking your kids to karate schools is one of the more successful ways of ensuring they learn self-control so they can be successful in what they want to do now and later in their lives.

A self-disciplined body and a strong, self-controlled mind can help accomplish any task positively. During karate lessons, students are taught to maintain discipline and their positive behaviors are reinforced which translates into better self-control.

Karate lessons improves FOCUS

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Focus is one of the most important skills required in karate classes. An article from Parenting.com said that parents of children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder report that martial arts training help their children greatly improve their ability to concentrate and maintain self-control.

Build your child’s attention span by enrolling them in karate classes for kids. Students usually get ‘in the zone’ especially when performing more complex moves/techniques. This will teach your child to focus on the task at hand while improving their listening skills and how they respond to their surroundings. Not only will this foster physical fitness but it can also help them be an astute listener at home and in school.

Karate lessons teaches LEADERSHIP

Do you believe that all of the mentioned life skills above combine into a super-life skill called leadership?  Growing into a leader is the ultimate outcome of karate lessons.

Not everyone is born a leader, but leadership is a skill that can be learned with dedication and practice. As the saying goes, “Leaders are made, not born.

Karate classes for kids are the greatest breeding ground for cultivating leaders. When students are confident in themselves, they are better suited to help others in leading by example. This is the true meaning of the ‘Black Belt Attitude.’

Karate classes for kids also inspire humility as there will always be someone who is better. Humility is not a reflection of weakness but it implies a respectful appreciation of the strength of others. This can give your child a sense of confidence that doesn’t require external recognition.

Are you looking for a karate school to enroll your child into?  Check out our FREE martial arts trial at Focus Martial Arts Brisbane.  Book here now.


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