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Kids Karate Lessons VS Taekwondo Classes — Which Is Better?

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Many parents deciding to get their child into kids karate lessons or Taekwondo classes ask similar questions. What is the difference between all the different martial arts or self defense classes for your kids, and which one would be best for my child?

To be honest – there are a whole range of martial arts disciplines for your child to try. In self defense classes for kids – every style of martial arts has some great skills, techniques and purposes about them. However every martial art ALSO has flaws when it comes to total self defence classes for kids. Taekwondo is known for its awesome kicks – which is great for keeping people out and at a distance. Karate lessons are focused on striking and is better for close-in defence. Judo involving lots of throwing moves and is great for take-downs. Hapkido has terrific wrist locks and holds, and BJJ (Brazillian Jiu Jitsu) is the dominant martial art for grappling and ground work. They all have their distinct elements. But if you are attacked in a way that isn’t how you have trained – you can find yourself in trouble.

So at Focus Martial Arts Brisbane, we have actually combined — similar to a few other forward thinking martial arts schools – all the BEST elements of various martial arts. You don’t have to stress yourself thinking what type of kid karate lessons to pick.

With Focus Martial Arts Brisbane, you get everything in a bunch — kind of like a fruit salad. We offer self defense classes for kids, we have taken the awesome kicks of taekwondo, the sturdy hands of karate and boxing, Muay Thai leg kicks and knees, some Hapkido wrist locks, awesome judo take-downs and ground game of BJJ – all rolled into one curriculum. This overall combination is totally focused on enabling a smaller person to confidently defend themselves against a bigger and stronger opponent – in any situation. So Focus Martial Arts Brisbane has made it easy for parents to choose the best martial art style for their child. In our studio, your child will learn all the best parts of each martial art variety.


The next question I often receive is: “How young should I start my child?” In my experience teaching kids karate lessons for over 14 years, I have seen a wide variety of mental aptitudes, physical characteristics, and behavior patterns. In order for your child to gain the most out of the time spent in training, I recommend waiting until your child is at least 3 years old. (Still varies from child by child, depending on their mental readiness).


Although it’s necessary to initially select what age is best to start and what specific style would be beneficial for your child, it is far more important to consider a martial arts school’s philosophy and teaching style before enrolling your little ones in Kids Karate Lessons. Martial arts can be one of the best programs for your child’s development but choosing the right school is vital. So how do you go about choosing the best martial arts school for your kid?

Finding a studio that has the same family goals as you do is what makes the difference. It is important that a martial arts school understands what you’re looking for and can deliver it. Whether you’re aiming for your precious little one to learn focus through the art of BJJ, or more confidence through Judo, it is important that your goals for your child are met.

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At Focus Martial Arts Brisbane, we have not lost the traditional elements of respect, self-control, discipline and focus. These are purposefully taught in every single class to give our students and your child the edge on achieving success in all areas of life. Many parents really love our unique Child Development Program that is part of every class. Some students go on to be part of our Focus Leadership Team to push them to excel in all endeavors of life.

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Additionally, we teach kids karate lessons with a good mixture of work, learning, and having fun. The BIGGEST difference is that we specifically use fitness in our classes — not just jumping jacks and the usual PE exercises at school. We are talking about kids – so we have them learning techniques that are super fun. Our instructors will be working constantly throughout the class in exciting situations and drills. We’ve been doing it for a long time, and we’re pretty good at helping children WANT to succeed, not just FORCING them to!

Life is tough and it is our job as parents and teachers to prepare our kids and students for the challenges and failures they will eventually experience in life. The Focus Martial Arts Brisbane culture and philosophy is: “No giving up allowed. We are in this together.” 

Why not try our FREE trial program at Focus Martial Arts School – its perfect if you are looking for kids karate lessons or taekwondo classes. Many people have their whole family do it together. It’s super fun. Click on the link to book in our FREE trial program now and get ready to embrace the world of martial arts!