Learning At Focus Martial Arts Brisbane May Be Perfect For Mastering Self Defence

Brisbane self defence classes

Focus Martial Arts believe that their Brisbane self defence classes, are a modern day essential skill for survival today, one that’s been around for centuries. That’s why this family has been involved in martial arts since early youth and why they feel so passionate about teaching the benefits of this sport to others. The various self- improvement benefits are wide and varied and substantiated by sports medicine experts and sports psychologists alike.

Psychology of Focus Martial Arts Brisbane Self Defence Classes

This requires a person to be prepared for any eventuating circumstances and be familiar with the necessary steps to be taken for self- preservation. This requires rehearsal, constant practice. In the same way that an individual rehearses their wedding plans, the wedding march and forthcoming ceremony, a familiarity and a mental preparedness is also required for self defense to ensure a positive outcome thus enabling the practitioner to cope better in high pressure situations, rather than buckle under the pressure from lack of expertise.

Life Coaching Benefits

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Most of us have attended motivational lectures at some time in our lives, either for personal enrichment or for commercial gain. Whilst the smorgasbord of information is unquestionably, rich and valuable in content, it lacks the reinforcement on a daily scale for rapid development. Perhaps 2% of us can go it alone, but what about the rest of us? The overwhelming truth is, that’s what we all need, constant reinforcement. According to sports psychologists, martial arts such as Taekwondo and Karate, noticeably do this by providing reinforcement of teaching on a self-improvement level as well as on a self defence scale.

Goal Setting

Did you know that many entrepeneurs fail, often, many times over, before success is achieved. The reason that they eventually succeed is because they refuse to give in. Because martial artists are taught not only to protect themselves by striking but also that they could get hit as well. Accepting that fact makes it easier to move on and never surrender and how to reset their focus, “never give up”.

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This defence mechanism( never surrender), is how they earn their journey to black belt and even on to an Olympic Sport level, by learning to control mind and body, learning to work with others and finding a partner to train with, then practicing constantly. In the same way that you take action to achieve your next belt level, you will learn subtly how to implement that same knowledge into your everyday business and personal life as well as on an interpersonal scale.

Not all of us feel we are the strong “macho “ types, the “win the girls easily” types. Some are shy, while others have a very defiant nature and others perhaps have a harsh demeanour and yet others may feel inept in some situations. We all have little things we would like to change, if possible, or perhaps improve on, something perhaps as simple as a weak handshake. Ladies, are you the type who can win over your Prince Charming, or are you just a stereotype? We all need to learn to be gentle with ourselves and others and yet strong- willed enough to get there through the tough times.  Constant encouragement goes a very long way. It’s the nurturing bond between the Focus Martial Arts instructor and the student.

 A Perfect Social Club Atmosphere

If you feel you are a little behind the 8 ball, in some aspect of your life, problem solved. I have seen people’s personality change (for the better), adults and young alike. I have seen people with learning disabilities improve – some with physical disabilities (minor) learn to challenge themselves and truly surprise themselves. Without discipline, chaos will reign. That goes for young and old. We all need structure to our lives if we want to fulfil our dreams. These are some of the reasons why I feel Focus Martial Arts self defence in Brisbane stands out in the crowd. Everyone is made to feel welcome here and each individual can easily and comfortably “fit in”.

On a purely social scale, parents, birthday parties are celebrated big time…children to teens. I have watched the littlies be thoroughly entertained with gusto. (Pandas and the like included) free party pics for each guest, club friends and school friends, and magically, parents don’t have to lift a finger, except to get a drink or nibblies. Parents can relax and socialize with the other mums and dads. Teens too, have a fabulous time. I have seen themed parties catered for in a safe and fun atmosphere. They are a very talked about event, obviously popular. A fun place with a wholesome atmosphere.


Self- mastery and self defense in Brisbane, combined, are how dreams and aspirations can be achieved by all who come to learn at Focus Martial Arts. As a mother who has watched all her children grow up through and learn martial arts disciplines, I have seen firsthand, the benefits (mostly hidden) over a period of 30 plus years on how self defence classes have positively influenced and impacted on their lives and all the people engaged in this social club of martial arts as a whole. Hence I urge you to explore for yourself, some of the remarkable changes possible in individual character growth as well as the outstanding improvements in the sporting field of self defence. Constant encouragement and great role models to follow, that’s how you develop and create champions. So why don’t you come and join our family of champions and embrace their passion to teach these skills and help you to be the champion you are.

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