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OSHC – Best Outside School Hours Care in Brisbane For Kids


Coping with the mish mash of everyday life can be daunting and stressful for children as well as adults. Children can also feel this pressure causing a constant game of catch up as they juggle between homework and chores and schooling.  That’s why unwinding is essential to alleviate this stress and  ensure that we (the family) don’t run on empty. Even squeezing in time to buy groceries can cause friction. That’s why an OSHC (Outside school hours care) program would be a huge advantage and blessing.  Focus Martial Arts Brisbane has a school pickup service for an after school program with purpose.

Planning ahead on what to do after school opens the door to activities for children that can entertain as well as educate. That’s why an after school club is a great option. Activities for after school care  given in a controlled environment allow all family members to achieve their desired result.

Eliminating “Couch Potato Syndrome”

Rather than having your child glued to a TV screen or the X BOX  or similar, providing after school activities for kids can be an extremely viable alternative. A close friend recently told me that according to his daughter, my friend’s grandchild was suffering from withdrawal symptoms from overuse of video games. This is a 7 year old child. No wonder this generation of children are so stressed and hyperactive today. Keeping the body active as well as the mind is essential for generating overall wellbeing.

Finding a happy medium is the dilemma all parents face.

The Natural Way To Having Fun

Do you remember when you were a small child playing with your dad, how you used to wrestle and punch and kick without ever hurting each other. Do you remember how you used to play with your siblings and your friends in the same way. It was such great  fun wasn’t it?

Do your children enjoy the same enduring experience. That’s the old fashioned way of playing and having fun that has been passed on through countless generations all over the world. That same fun experience is still available today. Martial Arts is a contact sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels.

In fact, this same fun experience is now an Olympic Sport. As you can see it has grown in acceptance to huge proportions, globally. The beauty of this fun experience as an OSHC (Outside school hours care) program is that it delivers much more than just fun and entertainment. 

What Is The Purpose!

Promoting wellbeing is just one aspect of this program. The Australian Bureau of Statistics claims excess weight and obesity pose a major risk to long term health, thereby increasing the risk of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cardio vascular disease and some cancers, costing Australians $21 billion in 2005. These figures have grown proportionately over the last 10 years. This is why the Australian Govt. brought out the AASC (active after school community) initiative.

Another form of wellbeing is by instilling a healthy sense of self – worth ( self – esteem, self-respect) early in childhood.

“Teaching very young children discipline with consequences, respect for themselves and others, respect for possessions, both theirs and others and to set and respect boundaries may be the best insurance you can provide your child to avoid becoming a victim or bully” says noted author Alexa Keating ( in her book, The Bully And The Victim – A Perfect Storm) She goes on to say “The most important trait they share is a low or nonexistent sense of self- worth.”

Teaching children crucial body language, such as “how to stand” and eye contact, is an early teaching process by the instructors of after school activities at Focus Martial Arts.   By  teaching  your child how to stand so they don’t look submissive, lets the bully know that your child is not intimidated by them.

Not being frightened to look them in the eye is another essential life skill.  I believe, as do these instructors, that self- empowerment is undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts for all children.

Someone has to protect the kids that don’t believe they can protect themselves. Providing a safe haven  that mirrors  parental goals and ethics is a great start for children of all ages.

Our kids should not walk around in fear. It goes without saying , parents should not have to fear for their child’s safety.  Shy and quiet children who are often targeted, flourish under the proper guidance of expert tuition.

This martial arts platform teaches disciplines that allow a child to self regulate their behavior, thus allowing the inner child to blossom. Putting into place the groundwork for children of all walks of life to utilize their unlimited potential is indeed a noble aspiration that has been mastered by Focus Martial Arts.

This OSHC Brisbane club has flourished as a result of the healthy nurturing they give to their club children in their care, and their expertise in teaching  ticks all the boxes for an OSHC program that delivers purpose.

Contact Focus Martial Arts Brisbane about their after school programs and their local school pickup service.