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4 Surprising Benefits of Kids Martial Arts You May Not Know About

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The benefits of martial arts for kids are countless- that’s why it’s been practiced for thousands of years. But from our perspective, the best 4 benefits are- healthy stress management, discipline and perseverance, better grades, and bullyproof-ness. Not too shabby, right? Check them out below…

1. Stress Less

Benefits of Kids Martial Arts | Focus Martial Arts

From juggling unprecedented issues like cyberbullying and social media pressures to making friends in a socially distanced world, kids nowadays are really struggling to manage their stress.

Stress happens to everyone, so it’s important early on to teach your child about how to cope with and manage the stresses of day-to-day life- in a positive way.

And that’s where martial arts can help! One of the benefits of martial arts for kids is that they can exert their physical AND mental energy in a safe environment.

Our instructors are quite sneaky (like a ninja! ;)) in how they teach important life skills that help your little one succeed outside of the dojo, including stress management.

Teaching martial arts to kids is their life passion, and they pass along their own sense of discipline and perseverance to your little one with every class they attend! Which leads us to…

2. Discipline and Perseverance

Benefits of Kids Martial Arts | Focus Martial Arts

Every child has their challenges. Every person, including your little one, is faced with tough decisions and mountains they need strength to overcome, and kids are no exception!

Whether it’s a math test they’re studying for or an audition for a lead role they want to knock out of the park, your little one will be tested in many ways over the course of their childhood that they’ll need discipline and perseverance to complete.

Martial arts for kids is so fun- trust us!- but it is definitely challenging sometimes- and that’s intentional.

There will be days when your child doesn’t want to come to class, just like there will be days when they won’t want to go to school – they’ll say they just don’t “feel like” doing either of them.

But our world-class instructors teach them how to stay strong and do the right thing in order to achieve their goal. If a student is struggling to break a board, maybe they’re crying or feel like they can’t do it- we’re not giving up on them.

All of us, instructors and classmates included, are going to rally around that student and cheer them on. Because they CAN do it, and when they do, they’ll have a gigantic smile on their face – trust us!

3. Improved Grades

Benefits of Kids Martial Arts | Focus Martial Arts

This one always sounds good to parents! One of the BIGGEST benefits of martial arts for kids is that it helps improve your child’s grades. How?

Well, as we mentioned, they learn how to self-discipline, which helps them stick it out when doing their homework or during a long school day. But perhaps one of the best benefits of martial arts for kids is that it helps them improve their BEHAVIOR.

When our students learn how to be still and listen intently to the authority figure in front of them, we see those skills carry over to the classroom.

Instead of getting distracted by the pencil sharpener, the teacher’s instructions, and whatever their deskmate is doing… They give their full attention to their teacher, and actually learn better than their peers. The results we see are AMAZING.

And that focus and self-discipline are key components of kids martial arts that they’ll carry with them FOREVER.

4. Bullyproof

Benefits of Kids Martial Arts | Focus Martial Arts

Of all the benefits of martial arts for kids, this one might be the most unexpected. We’re really keen on building our students up to be BULLYPROOF, meaning they learn how to stand up to bullies and defend themselves in a non-violent way.

First, we focus on their confidence. As our young martial arts students notice themselves improving in the dojo – perfecting their punches and kicks, gaining better coordination, and learning new moves after lots of practice- they gain confidence they’ve never had before in being able to accomplish so much!

We also instruct our students to NEVER misuse their martial arts outside of class – instead of their fists, they learn that their VOICE is their weapon.

We teach them how to speak confidently and with eye contact to our instructors, their peers, and the classroom bully, to stand up for themselves AND others. It’s a really amazing process, and we’re very proud of our Bullyproof kids!


So- did these benefits surprise you? They’re no surprise to us. We see it all the time kids walk in the door with behavioral issues, low self-esteem, or difficulty focusing, and they walk out the door with improvement in all these areas and a HUGE smile on their face. Best part of the job! Hopefully now you can understand that the benefits of martial arts for kids go far beyond just self defense- martial arts is a life-changing tool that promotes success far beyond the dojo! Check out our life-changing, transformative Kids Martial Arts classes right here at our school!