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Fitness Program – How to ease First Day Of School Anxiety for Kids

Kids Fitness Program

Kids Fitness Program – makes a difference to the first day of school, whether it is Prep, Year 1, a new grade level, or a new school – this can indeed be one of the most stressful and anxious days – if you let it be.

WHHAATTT????  “If I let it be???”

But, is there a way you can turn that natural feeling of anxiety around, and therefore truly change how the day can be for your child?

The answer is ‘YES!’.

With a few, pre-determine strategies, Kids Fitness Program can reduce your stress levels, and that can also impact the stress levels of your child on their first day of school.


You Can Choose How You Approach & Deal With It – Beforehand

No parent wants to come across as an overly doting parent, but this can be a heart-wrenching time because suddenly your precious baby is growing up and you have to face it. Both of you have to face it. Having to let go of your control to a stranger who is not only taking over your parenting role for quite some hours each day, five days of every week, but also sharing that time with a large group of other children, not just your precious child. How unfair our system is. So, how do you deal with the first day of school?


Choices For How You Deal With First Day of School Jitters

Option 1– You can either cry your heart out, and your child will pick up your reaction and then do & feel the same.  Not a good result for either of you.

Option 2– Embrace the moment. Just as the Animal Kingdom embraces change and growth and associates this with strength and a vital discipline to moving forward positively. So you and your child should do the same. Just like a lion or butterfly changes with moving forward, you and your child can do the same. It’s a vital and essential step in life’s journey.


What You Can Do To Reduce Your Child’s Stress Levels For Their First Day Of School

So, how do you deal with it?

Fitness Program for Kids

Turn that frown, upside down.  Smile and keep smiling.  The physical (even though it is forced) action will also cause a psychological reaction to help you through this small part of the day.

Focus on the positives. What you focus on is what you will get.  If you focus on the sadness, the missing them, the loneliness you may experience – then that is what you will feel. However, if you focus on celebrating the event, focus on the positives – then your day will turn out a whole lot better.

Honestly, if you think about it, they will not lose anything by going to school. They will only gain so much – therefore, you will learn so much also.

Putting your child in a kids fitness program before they start school is a great way to get them to interact with other children and start to learn they can do things by themself.  Martial arts is a great activity to start them with to prepare your child for prep and school.  Focus Martial Arts Gold Coast & Brisbane has classes to cater for children from 3 years of age.

NOTE: Not all martial arts schools have Instructors qualified to start children this young.


Create an experience for your child – BEFOREHAND.

Talk to them about all the good things that will happen by going to school. “You will make so many new friends to play with.  You will learn fun things like reading & writing and making things.  I bet you will be great at drawing and making things.”

“Then you can show me.  You get to have your own special lunch.  What things should we put in that?  Brussel sprouts???”

Make it fun, make it sound like an adventure.  Almost tell them a story about their school adventure, when tucking them into bed.  Get them involved in the story too.

“What else do you think you will do at school?  What about playtime?”

Maybe even draw together of them on their first day – make sure everyone has big smiles.

How will this make you feel? Please help them to see this before they go to school. Show them a positive focus from you, and they will embrace that first day of school with confidence, excitement, and joy.


Create A Tradition They Won’t Forget.

You can turn the day into a day they will recall as a fond memory every day of their life.

Kids Fitness Program at Focus Martial Arts

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

Give them a beautifully wrapped present at breakfast the morning of their first day – eg. A new pair of underpants.  Tell them they are super-powered making friends pants.  So they will feel strong, confident and able to make friends anywhere.

Tell them you have a surprise for them after school – take them to a coffee shop, get a milkshake & cupcake – and get them to tell you all about their day.  Take a photo of them on their first day – as we all do BUT get it printed & framed – “My First Day As A Big Boy.”

And have it sitting on the kitchen bench when they get home.  Yes, in this day and age, kids are used to getting their photo taken – but how many do we actually get printed?  They will feel special.

What other ideas can you think of to start creating a special tradition, remembered and embraced?  You could then even do it every year.  But look out if you stop – they will be expecting the tradition to continue.  It will become a ‘special’ thing they do with you.

My daughter still remembers that I walked her to her classroom on the first day of school every year until grade 8.  (after that, well we all know teenagers are different)


What About You?  The Day Is Not Just About The Kids

So you have chosen to be strong, keep smiling, enjoy it.  Make it a positive memory. However, it is an emotional time.  Just keep it together – at least until you get back to the car. Be sure to set an appointment for after drop off.  Again – you will have something positive to focus on.  There’s a common theme recurring here, isn’t there?

It might be:

  • A coffee with girlfriends
  • Get your nails done
  • Go to the gym or a walk


Something that will keep you busy.  And remember – it’s a good day and your life’s legacy is just taking the next step

So, set yourself up for success – Choose what mindset you are going to have.  Create the day ahead of time & what you will focus on will determine the outcome.  Enjoy, life is short; make this a beautiful memory to treasure forever.

So, focus on the positives.

At Focus Martial Arts Gold Coast & Brisbane, we teach kids how to focus, build confidence and reduce stress through physical exercise in a structured Kids Fitness Program, while having fun learning the valuable skill of self-protection. 

If you would like your child to learn these skills – you can easily Book a  FREE Trial here.  You will be glad you did.


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