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The Best Karate Classes for Family in Gold Coast

Karate Classes Gold Coast

Are you looking for proficient karate classes in the Gold Coast? We are here to offer you a comprehensive solution that covers toddlers, kids, and parents. We understand that core curriculum activities are essential for the growth of any child, and you know what they say, work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Karate is one of the activities that you can enroll your kids for and see them learn not only how to defend themselves, but other virtues such as patience, focus, and obedience among many more.

Toddlers and Kids Karate Classes

From toddlers to kids, and even adults, we provide karate lessons for each of these groups. The kids can take advantage of the weekday classes, especially after school classes. We offer logistics to pick them from local schools within the region and drop them at our martial arts school. Depending on their class type – they are either 30 minute or 45 minute classes.

If you prefer for them to come to class during weekends, we also have that option. Better yet, you can accompany your kids and join the course as well. This will give you the perfect opportunity to bond with your child, especially if you sign up for the family karate lessons. We use both old and new approaches to ensure that the children master the martial arts technique efficiently. We encourage the spirit of individualism rather than group learning to ensure that all our karate students build confidence and self esteem through karate classes gold coast.

Best Adult karate classes in Gold Coast

Hapkido Karate Lessons

Each child is different and will learn karate at their own pace. While others are strong enough to handle the tougher karate classes, others may not have this ability. Such students join the hapkido classes. This type of karate for kids uses technique as opposed to strength. They learn how to handle situations in their favour to conquer an opponent even if they are bigger and stronger.

The Adult Section

If you are wondering if there are adult karate lessons at our centre, yes there are. Aside from the broad family karate classes, we offer adult-focused options for parents and guardians who would like to learn how to throw a few kicks, get fit and be able to protect themselves & their family

The Perks Of Karate Classes

The benefits of taking karate classes in the Gold Coats are plenty. Take a look at what your family will gain after signing up for these lessons.

  • Respect – This is the core value of any form of martial art. Your children will learn how to respect not only the elderly but also their agemates and those younger than them.

  • Focus – Precision is a skill that is essential for anyone to learn karate. Kids learn how to make calculated moves during practice. This attitude spills over to their academics. Most parents note that their kids become more focused and attentive in class once they enroll in karate classes.

  • They learn problem-solving skills – While these classes aim to help them tackle murky situations as they arise, we also teach them the essence of alternative problem-solving options. They learn that not every conflict should be solved physically.

  • Courage becomes natural to them – A karate kid needs to be courageous for them to learn any of the moves we teach in a karate lesson. Those who come timid, leave our studio brave.

  • Patience in dealing with everyone – To be a great master of this sport, kids are taught how to wait for the perfect time before striking. This attitude spills over to their daily affairs both at home and school.

  • The become active – Knowing well that many parents struggle to make their kids go outdoors and play, this sport cultivates in them a vibrant culture. They will start preferring outdoor activities as opposed to playing video games.

  • Humility – Because of the nature of karate, there has to be a winner and a loser in a match. We teach our students how to be humble even when they win. Those who do not succeed, on the other hand, are shown how to hold their heads up high and be proud of the success they have attained so far.

A New Karate Branch in the Gold Coast

For the past 14 years Focus Martial Arts has been operating using one karate martial arts school. However, we have successfully opened a new martial arts club branch. Our new branch is located in Oxenford, Gold Coast, just next to Coomera and Helensvale. New members are welcomed to apply for registration, and of course, our old students who live within this region can transfer to the new school.

With many years of experience in teaching kids karate classes, you will definitely find that your children and family will reap the benefits of participating in these karate classes in the Gold Coast.   Why not book a free trial at Focus Martial Arts Oxenford to see if our karate classes are right for your family.