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The Best School Holiday Activities for Kids in Brisbane

School Holiday Brisbane

Are you ready for the holidays? You probably have plans to wind up your office work or get the house in shape for visitors. Between all the errands that need to be run and the downtime to plan for yourself, there’s one more dilemma to solve: your kids’ vacation routine. 

Children love vacations for reasons no different than yours. They need a break from the runaround between school, homework, and exams. Just like you try to stay away from professional engagements, kids need an escape from their academics, too.

While planning a holiday schedule, you might want to find school holiday activities in Brisbane that help them unload their academic burden. School holiday activities for kids should be planned with a lot of care and consideration. While you don’t want your children to feel exhausted as in school days, you wouldn’t want them turning into couch potatoes either!

The best way to utilize this free time is to allow your kids to work on life skills that will help them in the future. If you’re having trouble finding cheap school holiday activities, here are some opportunities you might love to try out.

School Holiday Brisbane for kids

Martial Arts

Focus Martial Arts Brisbane is one of those places that instantly attract your kid inside. Martial arts themselves are a rather mesmerising activity which everybody fantasised about at some point in life.

As intimidating as they seem, learning martial arts scores multiple benefits for your kid’s personality and skill-building abilities. Moreover, martial arts aren’t easy to learn or forget. Once introduced to the thrill of those mind-bending flips and kicks, kids will want to come back in each break and continue to grow as a martial artist.

You might ask, why go for Focus Martial Arts? Your kids most probably have karate or taekwondo as their extracurricular. And it’s not like martial arts are that difficult to learn, right?

Contrary to this belief, martial arts are challenging to teach. If the training institute you pick for your kids doesn’t have qualified staff, your children will end up waste their time and learn no skills at all. 

Focus Martial Arts is a much better alternative because of its varied and diverse curriculum. Instead of teaching in a haphazard, one-off manner, they design courses to impart maximum skills in all the time that your children can arrange during holidays.  

Focus Martial Arts is the perfect place to find indoor holiday activities because it offers specialised courses for every age group. Their work proves that martial arts are more than an eccentric hobby. They hire skilled professionals who know how to shape your child’s personality around the ethics of martial art. There are three different courses at Focus Martial Arts that are great for your family members:

Little Ninjas Program

Best suited for kids up to 6 years old, the Little Ninjas Program will help mould them into active and productive young people. We know how much parents look forward to spending some time away from their children. And just cuddle with their favourite book and a cup of coffee. 

We also understand the helplessness they feel when these youngsters turn into a nuisance. With the Little Ninjas program, your children will gradually learn to build a better temperament and a steadier composure.  

The Little Ninjas program instils discipline and builds the attention span of kids through simple exercises. Your child will learn to keep their emotions in check whether they win or lose. They’ll also learn how to aptly respond to the situations they face without using violence.

Kids Martial Arts Programs

For kids up to fifteen years of age, the centre offers advanced martial arts training. One reason to consider learning martial arts as one of the best school holiday activities is that it’s the kind of hobby that positively impacts your kid’s personality.  

Focus Martial Arts takes it a step further and combines the most important lessons from all types of martial arts. Whether it’s karate or taekwondo, the course has a condensed version of all essentials. 

Besides practicing physical activeness, Focus Martial Arts teaches your pre-teens and teens to navigate their way through mentally taxing situations. Non-violence is another key aspect that the trainers keep in mind while designing courses for your children. There’s no denying that martial arts are difficult to master. Given the vastness of these arts, Focus Martial Arts try to make their application as easy as possible for people of all ages and temperaments.

Family Martial Arts Program

While searching for school holiday activities, Brisbane has a few commendable options for families. In this respect, Focus Martial Arts offer martial arts for both parents and their children. They allow parents to practice alongside children, as well as practice more advanced techniques on their own. So, parents looking for ways to bring colour to their family time,Focus Martial Arts is calling for you!

Benefits of Learning Martial Arts During Holidays

  • Avoids building a lazy, sedentary lifestyle, especially with young children. 
  • Teaches your children to be disciplined and communicate with others.
  • Teaches children to win and lose in a dignified, respectful way.
  • Allows your children to tire themselves out sufficiently for a healthy night’s sleep.
  • Build self-awareness and awareness about the consequences of one’s actions in young people.
  • The ethos involved in martial arts ingrains a more respectful approach in social matters.
  • Learning and excelling at martial arts also teaches kids to become more determined with their goals.


Other Fun Activities

  • Visiting the Queensland Museum: Walk with your kids through the museum’s culturally rich exhibitions and grab some snacks from the adjoining café. Sounds like the perfect balance of academics and fun!
  • CityHopper Ride: Revisit every nook, every corner of the city with this free ferry ride along with your family.
  • Robelle Domain Parklands: Cycling tracks, walking lanes, water parks, playgrounds, and more. This is your all-inclusive stop for a relaxing day out.



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