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The Top Best Kids After School Activities in Gold Coast

Kids After School Gold Coast

There are plenty of reasons why kids’ after-school lessons in the Gold Coast are only growing in popularity

For starters, they’re perfect to introduce children to new environments and people, especially other positive adult figures and mentors. Also, after-school classes are a space for little ones to learn without the pressure of school. Nonetheless, this translates into better academic performance and confidence. In fact, an American study shows that 60% of kids who attend after-school activities improve their behaviour at school.

And that’s not all—it’ll give them the chance to build strong social skills and learn crucial skills like teamwork, discipline, and respect.

With so many after-school activities, it can be tough to choose the right one for your child. You might be wondering—What are the best after-school lessons for kids in the Gold Coast? How do I find one my kid will love? While it may be a simple case of trial and error, here are some options to consider.

Fun kids’ after-school activities in the Gold Coast

Best Kids After School Gold Coast


Swimming is one of the first things little ones living in coastal areas learn. And you’ll find plenty of after-school lessons for kids in the Gold Coast. Both private and group lessons have their pros and cons. Group lessons provide a fun environment for your children to learn, and some kids find it reassuring to see their peers improve their skills in what for some might be initially a daunting experience. However, do keep in mind that smaller groups provide a more personalised experience and keep children from getting too distracted. Of course, one-on-one classes are the best way to get a fully personalised setting.

Martial Arts

This is another popular option, perfect for boys and girls of all ages. The benefits of martial arts for children are plentiful—it focuses on internal growth just as much as athletic skills. A well-developed after-school martial arts programme will not just make your child stronger and provide much needed physical activity, it’ll also instil invaluable lessons they’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Martial arts teach discipline, leadership skills, respect and self-confidence. Also, kids’ martial arts lessons in the Gold Coast are the perfect outlet for your child to have more physical activity. That too without the pressures of other competitive sports, which stress results over self-improvement. Through learning respect and teamwork, they also develop strong, healthy boundaries and learn to appreciate the results of hard work. 

In martial arts, focus and steadiness are crucial, teaching them how to regulate their emotions, understand their strengths and learn from their failures. Also, learning how to defend themselves will help them feel more confident and empowered.

Where can you find the best martial arts classes in the Gold Coast, look no further than Focus Martial Arts. Its programme helps your child thrive no matter their level and abilities in a nurturing, fun environment. It also encourages children to take on leadership roles such as helping new students. This is a great way for both new and more experienced students to learn cooperation and trust.


Drama classes are not just for aspiring professional actors. Acting can be a fun hobby for kids and a fantastic way for them to learn social skills in a playful environment. They can be the perfect outlet for more extroverted kids to shine and help more reserved or shy kids become more confident in social settings. By encouraging self-expression in a setting accepting of kids’ individuality, they can find their own voice and feel more comfortable with it. Also, as they progress and start performing for other people, they learn to control the inevitable nerves and face daunting new situations.

Many drama clubs with after-school classes in the Gold Coast have open days or one session trials for you and your child to find out what to expect. 


Music classes are among the most popular after-school lessons for children, as they foster creativity and discipline, and may help them grasp Maths concepts easier. With so many after-school lessons in the Gold Coast and instruments to choose from, it can be daunting to choose one for your child. Exposing them to different music early on is the first step to decide. Is there a music style or genre your child is interested in particular? Also, keep in mind the costs of buying and maintaining the instrument. Popular instruments are the piano, violin, guitar, and drums.


One of an invaluable life skill for anyone to have is cooking! So teaching your children early on will help them be more independent. Cooking is all about focus, paying attention to details and perseverance. It can also boost their motor skills, sense of achievement, and confidence. 

How to choose the right after-school lessons for kids near me in the Gold Coast?

Kids After School Activities Gold Coast

With these and many more options around, how do you choose the right programme for your child? Here are some tips that’ll help you find one your kid will love:

  • Make sure the programme is age-appropriate. Signing up for an open house or trial class will help you have an idea.
  • Start as early as possible to get a spot for your child and avoid waiting lists.
  • Go for smaller class sizes if possible, as they provide the right mix of group activities and personalised attention.
  • The teachers and instructors must be highly qualified and have all the required licenses to hold after-school programmes in the Gold Coast.
  • Consider your child’s abilities, temperament, and interests. 

With a broad range of classes for children of all ages, highly qualified teachers and a fully equipped studio, Focus Martial Arts has the perfect after-school programme for kids. Its unique after-school martial arts programme for kids in the Gold Coast offers private virtual or in-person one-on-one lessons to boost your child’s confidence, improve their social skills, build respect and discipline and a fun environment. The after-school programme also gives you free access to their on-demand virtual library to give your child all the tools they need to thrive.

There are limited passes available, so sign up before they’re gone.


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