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Karate For Kids Brisbane – The Lifetime Benefits

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Karate for kids is gaining immense popularity and it’s all for a good reason. Many parents are realizing the mental and physical benefits of this activity for their children, and they’re slowly enrolling them for karate lessons. However, some parents still have doubts in their minds, wondering how an activity characterised by kicking and punching can be helpful to their kids. This is a natural feeling, especially for people who don’t have an idea of what karate is all about.

What is Learning Karate All About?

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As opposed to the common thought by most people that karate is all fighting, this activity doesn’t encourage fighting or even offensive moves in the first place. It’s meant for defensive purposes to protect oneself against enemies. And, karate doesn’t focus on fighting to win, it focuses on the idea that no matter how small or weak a person is, they can use their body to produce the strength and power needed during certain situations.

Benefits of Karate For Kids

1. Learn Character Development

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During the start of each karate training session, it’s traditional for students to bow to their instructor. Also, they have to bow to their opponent. Honour, respect, and discipline are key qualities of this art, and students are highly discouraged from using it for things that aren’t honourable. And as we mentioned earlier, karate classes are not focused on winning; it’s meant for self-improvement and being an honourable, respectful person.

2. Improved Ability To Listen and Follow Instructions

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If you have a kid, I’m sure you know they resist instructions as they grow up. They have a hard time when it comes to listening and following instructions. Being humble always and learning from more experienced people is a vital quality taught during karate training. And since learning karate is an enjoyable activity where students are determined to improve, they listen more and take instructions from instructors seriously. This will translate to better listening to their parents and teachers after the training.

3. Karate Lessons Improves Self-Confidence

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If you ask parents who have enrolled their kids in karate classes, they’ll gladly tell you that they noticed better self-confidence. In the course of the training, students start with a white belt. As toddlers, kids, and adults learn karate more, they progress to other belt colours such as orange, green, yellow blue, red, and black. Each level demands diligence and hard work to achieve its goals.

Changing from one belt to another serves to remind them of the things they have accomplished and give them self-esteem and self-confidence to progress in karate and other areas of their lives. If you have a talented child who tends to sulk in their own corner when faced with challenges, karate classes are an effective solution. They learn to overcome challenges when things get tough. A skill they will need for later in life. Learning resilience is just one of the benefits of karate for kids.

4. Karate Classes Boosts Health and Well-Being

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Obesity is a condition that many people are struggling with right now. Especially in today’s technology-focused world where young people are spending most of their time glued to TVs, computers, and smartphones. Being overweight has become a huge problem. And, kids who are overweight have a risk of developing various diseases such as diabetes. To help them avoid this, keep your kids active by enrolling them in karate lessons.

The physical training involved in this art increases strength, core stability, flexibility, and balance, which all help to keep excess weight at bay. This way, your kid will lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

5. Karate Helps Kids Deal With Bullies

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One social challenge that kids are facing is being bullied. Even though bullies have always been there, some kids don’t know how to deal with this problem, and they become psychologically affected. Karate for kids empowers them with a feeling that they can protect themselves should a bullying situation arise. This art gives them the confidence to deal with bullies more effectively. Also, when it’s known that there is a karate kid, he/she will be respected by other kids.

6. Better Social Interactions

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Karate is an activity where students have to work together to achieve a common goal. By interacting with each other, they bond and develop great relationships. If you have a shy kid and he/she has problems interacting with new people, then karate training is an excellent solution. In some exercises, students have to help each other with various tasks. As they learn karate and work with different students, they forge new friendships.

7. Kids Karate Classes Improve Concentration

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Is your little one struggling with ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder)? Kids with this condition have a hard time when it comes to concentrating on both physical and mental tasks. Also, they don’t have self-control. While you may want to punish them, doing this can make the condition even worse. Karate training is an effective and fun way to help them channel their energy and concentrate on constructive tasks, while learning self defence.

The art of karate is great for people of any age but in particular, it’s good for kids. They’re in their early stages of development and thus, it will create a strong foundation for a healthy happy individual. And, I’m sure your little one will love to be the coolest karate kid in the neighbourhood. Don’t have your kids playing video games all day, enroll them in karate for kids class.

Focus Martial Arts specialize in kids karate classes. Why not book a free trial, and see the benefits of karate lessons for your child for yourself.