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What’s the Best Martial Arts Style for Fitness ? We’ll Settle the Debate

Best martial arts style for fitness

Crowning the best martial arts style for fitness is almost an impossible task. There are so many different forms of martial arts that humans have been practicing for thousands of years, and martial arts have changed millions of lives. We will go through the most effective martial arts we offer and try to settle this long-held debate. Let’s do it!

1. Martial Arts

Best martial arts style for fitness

We offer a general adult martial arts class that is a little bit of everything, and all our students love it.

You’ll learn how to throw kicks and punches, have a blast with fun-loving people, and break quite a sweat too. Our basic routine is to condition at the start of class, run through drills and teach new skills, and wrap up with a cool down.

You will get sweaty in this class- so if you’re a beginner taekwondo fitness class and looking for the best martial arts style for fitness, our adult martial arts class may be your best option.

2. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Best martial arts style

Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) is a slightly different form of martial art, practiced around the world. BJJ is key to fighting an opponent bigger and stronger than you- you’ll use physics, motion, and lots of groundwork training to defend yourself no matter the size of your attacker. Many women’s self-defence classes, including our own, will take pages from BJJ.

These martial arts will work your core a lot due to the nature of the groundwork and leveraging moves! All who desire shredded abs, attend a BJJ class -it might be the best martial arts style for fitness.

3. Taekwondo and Karate

karate fitness class

Taekwondo and Karate will take your fitness regimen to the next level. Our Taekwondo classes are excellent for competitive fighters, as there are plenty of opportunities to compete. Lots of punching and kicking and using your elbows and knees to attack as well.

Karate is more of a boot camp style of teaching as it was originally taught to Israeli soldiers, so it’s super practical for real-life fighting. Both Taekwondo and Karate are intense forms of training, and you’re sure to get a fantastic workout in each class – the best martial arts for fitness are dependent on if you want to compete and use elbows and knees, or if you’re going to focus more on real-life self-defence applications.

4. The Verdict

Our verdict? All of our martial arts classes offer excellent physical fitness and skill-building opportunities. Our classes are fast-paced, full-body training sessions that ramp up your heart rate and help relieve stress. However, there are some key points you should consider when looking for the best martial arts for fitness.

Do you want to be able to protect yourself against someone bigger and stronger than you? Go with BJJ. If you wish to train competitively, Taekwondo and Karate are your best options. And finally, you can get a taste of all of our martial arts modalities with our general Adult karate fitness class in the city. Check out our incredible Martial Arts for Fitness classes at our school!