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Lights, Camera, Action!

Focus has taken its Movie Martial Arts program to a whole new level, every child will be in a feature length movie that will be premiered at the end of the year. If your child dreams of being in a movie with heaps of fight and chase sequences, well this program is for you.

Join the Action! FMA's Movie Martial Arts Program!

movie martial arts focus martial arts brisbane

It's a Karate Action!

If your child has ever dreamed of being part of an action-packed movie filled with exhilarating fight and chase sequences, then this program is tailor-made for them. We’re turning those dreams into reality, one kick and punch at a time.

Learn the Art, Master the Craft

Our Martial Arts classes are not just about cinematic stunts – they’re about acquiring essential life skills while having a blast. Through our karate and taekwondo classes, your child will develop practical self-defense skills that instill confidence and empower them for life.

movie martial arts focus martial arts brisbane
movie martial arts focus martial arts brisbane

Why Martial Arts at Focus?

We believe in nurturing not just strong bodies but strong character traits. Expect your child to grow in positivity, goal-setting, self-discipline, and courtesy. While honing martial arts techniques, your child will also sharpen their mind, improving concentration, focus, and conflict resolution abilities.

Ready to enroll your child in an adventure that combines action and personal growth?

Elevate Your Skills to the Next Level! Unleash Your Full Potential with Us.

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