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Kick through plateaus, fine-tune your skills, and accelerate your belt promotions with Private Martial Arts Lessons! Brisbane students know the best way to gain the competitive edge is through these transformational martial arts private lessons!

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Private martial arts lessons are the best way to up your martial arts game.

Most people get frustrated and give up when they get stuck on something difficult. Don’t let the plateaus slow you down! In Brisbane, martial arts students push past these blocks and accelerate their belt promotions 2-3 times just by booking private martial arts lessons with us! 

Stay motivated and laser-focused on your martial arts goals.

Our high-caliber professional private martial arts instructors are ready to support you on your martial arts journey. No matter the style, we help Brisbane martial arts students refine their technique, push through mental blocks and fitness plateaus, and increase their confidence and focus!

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Results are found on the other side of perseverance.

Brisbane lives and breathes commitment and consistency, and Focus Martial Arts is no different. Private martial arts lessons give Brisbane students the individualized coaching they need to achieve their goals and keep moving forward!

Meet The Instructors

Our Brisbane instructors are all masters of their chosen martial arts styles and are passionate about helping you crush your martial arts and fitness goals! Keep reading to find the private martial arts trainer that is right for you.


Take a look at what Brisbane private martial arts students are saying…

"He's been in it a month now & I've noticed a huge change in his behavior & demeanor."

"Such an amazing place. My 4yr old loves it! So excited to be part of something so great!"

"Esther is now more happy than ever! She is paying more attention and is learning values like honesty and perseverance!"

"My 6 year old is doing a lot better with his focus and very attentive. My 9 year old absolutely loves it. It brings out the competitive spirit in him."

"I have even watched some of his shy friends break through their shells as they started brimming with self confidence!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about our Adult Program

Private martial arts lessons are a great way to work on mastering specific skills in your chosen style of martial arts. Up your game, take yourself to the next level, or get one-on-one instruction for the finer details. Private martial arts training helps you improve your overall progression to a higher standard.

Private martial arts lessons with an experienced martial arts trainer can ONLY help you! One-on-one coaching and dedicated attention helps you learn 2-3 times faster than group settings. You and your personal martial arts trainer work together to develop a plan that is totally customized to your needs and goals. Achieve results in record time! 

No! That’s one of the benefits of private martial arts lessons – the martial arts instructor can meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be. We welcome all experience levels into our private martial arts lessons.

Some martial arts training is better than no martial arts training. Our private lessons can be scheduled individually, or in multi-lesson packages. We recommend at least 2 private martial arts sessions when you’re getting started or learning a new martial arts style. 

Absolutely! Because our skilled martial arts instructors are trained to meet students where they are, we can offer private martial arts lessons at any age or ability! Sometimes children benefit from a few private martial arts lessons before joining a group martial arts class because it helps build their confidence and focus. 

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