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Best Self Defence Classes For Children And Its Benefits

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Self defence classes for kids can teach essential skills and life lessons. Many of these, such as resilience, determination, and confidence, cannot be honed to their maximum capacity through academia and school sports alone. A question that many guardians have asked the Focus Martial Arts School’s staff in the past is whether or not their child could really benefit from attending karate and other self defence classes. Many of these parents have genuine concerns about the practise of karate, while others feel that the scope of karate and its benefits in the life of a child are quite restricted. We address these concerns and much more in this article! So, read on…

Ideals, Principles, and Morals That We Teach Your Child in Karate School

At Focus Martial Arts School, we focus on expanding upon your child’s best personality traits and qualities, just as much as we do on sharpening their bodily karate skills.  We become your character development & values partner in teaching your child those valuable lessons you are trying to teach them at home.  Together we can help develop your child into the great adult you desire them to be.  Some of the key elements integrated into our training curriculum are:

  • Leadership Skills: We teach your kids to confidently lead their peers in group activities. The trainer will regularly switch up between different students and select a new leader each time, so that even the shy and more introvert students get an opportunity to show off and build their leadership skills.

  • Resilience: This invaluable positive quality is one that several full-grown Australian professionals in the workforce still lack. And, there’s nothing better than karate classes to permanently instil this into your child.After putting themselves through the relatively challenging karate poses and forms taught at our school, your son or daughter will never forget that goals achieved only taste sweet when they have been won through blood, sweat, and tears.

  • Love for Thrills & Challenges: If your kid hasn’t been exposed to the practise of karate before, this will be a very new thing to him or her. Once they get over the hill and master this art, you will find them jumping with this newfound enthusiasm and excitement for trying out new, foreign sports, activities, and even foods. They will just generally open up more to the prospect of trying out new things and accepting the challenges life throws at them!

Our Child-Friendly Approach to Kids’ Self Defence Training 

As one of the best and most established industry-approved self defence training programs for kids in Australia, the staff and trainers at the Focus Martial Arts Centre execute every phase of our trademark kids’ karate program with a great deal of sensitivity and care for the special needs of young children in sports training. We keep in mind that a 7-year-old boy’s mind works in different ways to that of an adult student.

Children tend to be much more impressionable. Small incidents that our adult students would normally take in their stride and laugh off may become issues of self-confidence and self-image amongst our child students. Similarly, these incidents can leave a profound impact on them. We take several precautionary measures to ensure this does not happen, especially the negative outcomes. For example, rude comments or inappropriate language use is not tolerated in our classes at any points. Also, children that are caught bullying each other or being particularly rough in their karate moves on partners are rapidly caught out and warned.

Why People Send Their Kids to Our Karate Classes

We have a mix of students in each of our classes. Some are here only for the fun of trying a new sport, while others hope to overcome more serious issues, like bullying. The one goal that unifies every student, however, is how they hope to fulfil this goal through learning and practising an extremely popular form of martial arts – karate. Some kids are sent to our class for weight management issues. We are quite aware of the nature of sensitive issues like bullying and weight control and the best way to approach them with children without hurting their sentiments. So, as a guardian, one thing you can know for sure is that you child is in VERY safe hands.

Regardless of the reason why they’re here, our veteran instructors make it a priority to ensure that all children are included in every class activity and that no one feels left out. Your child will come home a brand-new rejuvenated person. We will transform every issue or personality weakness they may have had before into admirable qualities and skills. You will instantly recognise the new sense of confidence, determination, and self-discipline in your child. This is exactly what you’ve always wanted them to have!

Potential Concerns You May Have About Your Kids Attending Karate Classes

If your child hasn’t been exposed to any other activity similar to karate in the past, you will be worried that he or she may not be able to keep up with the karate teacher and perhaps even injure themselves in the process of learning. You need not worry at all about this. Our karate instructors all have a keen, watchful eye for any potential injury risks on the grounds. Also, all of our karate equipment is safety-tested every 6 months, and the premises of our academy are always maintained as per health and safety guidelines.

Since the major proportion of our students are children aged 3 to 12 years, we instructors here at Focus Martial Arts take great care to ensure that every student in the class is safe and secure during every lesson. Also, injury is fairly uncommon in kids karate. They generally occur less often here than in other sports typically taught at this age, such as netball and football.

Bodily contact is another concern that many of our clients have raised in the past. Again, this is kept at a minimum between the students until they are in their 5th or 6th week. All contact, even at that point where they have been adequately trained is closely monitored, supervised and refereed. Each member of our karate club staff has been extensively trained in the provision of Advanced First Aid. Nevertheless, we agree that mishaps do happen. However, our team of qualified karate instructors will try their best to avoid any such scenario.

The Secret to Maximizing the Benefits You and Your Children Reap from Our Self Defence Classes

We find it important, here, to remind you that your role as a guardian does not end at enrolling your toddler or teen into our karate classes and coughing up the monthly fees. One of the key determinants of your child’s success in our karate classes is consistency. He or she will only be able to squeeze out the maximum possible benefit from our interactive self defence classesif you facilitate their attendance of classes regularly as much as possible.

This may require tweaking of the family’s weekly schedule or making some compromises. However, at the end of the day, karate classes should be given equal importance as school activities and any other sports club practise your child may be engaging in at present. Just as you would check up on their homework on a day-to-day basis, please remember to regularly ask your child how their karate classes have been going and whether you can do anything to help them. Be consistent in your efforts. We suggest that you view this as a team effort and commit firmly to your child’s self defence training. Remind yourself that you will not let the quandary of life and financial difficulties get in the way.

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Our self defence classes Brisbane specialise in instilling a sense of self-respect, self-confidence, and self-discipline into all children aged three to twelve. Every one of our kids self defence classes are designed to be enjoyable and fun for both the parent and child. As you can see from above, there are myriad benefits to be reaped from enrolling your child in self defence classes for kids. With a handsome dash of consistency and perseverance added in for measure, these self defence classes Brisbane can really be the perfect solution to so many of the physical and mental concerns you may have for your daughter or son.

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