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Taekwondo Lessons: The Best Learning Benefits You Can Get

taekwondo lessons

At Focus Martial Arts Self Defence Brisbane headquarters, our objective is the empowerment of each individual to raise the barrier for themselves. We all want to improve, excel, achieve goals and gain personal satisfaction in all we strive to do and learning self defence can help with this above and beyond just the personal safety skills. Let me share with you how.

By providing a fun, healthy and safe environment you will find that self defence Brisbane headquarters teach personal safety and self defence classes in a structure that provides the important character building blocks required for belt progression.

  • Self defence
  • Ability to set and achieve goals
  • Self belief
  • Self respect & respect for others
  • Self control
  • Better concentration
  • Improved co-ordination and balance
  • Focus
  • Resilience in all matters of life
  • Taking responsibility


It is these life skill fundamentals that has many students of self defence and Taekwondo keen to achieve a breakthrough in personal transformation.

What Experts Say About Martial Arts And Self Defence Classes?

Over 30 years of study and research has supported the conclusion that martial arts self defence is good for the mind & body. To fully grasp the importance of this, let’s analyze it.

Overall, studies have verified that martial arts classes have turned out to be more than just tools for self defence. They have developed into systems that not only protect practitioners from attackers but also from poor physical and psychological health.

The Mark A. Brudinak study shows practitioners of Taekwondo experienced overall strength gains and this trait gives Taekwondo an advantage when it comes to fall prevention.(improved balance, flexibility & strength)

Dr. Peter Douris (New York Institute of Technology) Reference: British Journal of Sports Medicine He stated that those who practised martial arts self defence had 12% less body fat than those with no training. According to Dr. Douris, martial arts are a safe and effective way to protect against disease and reduce negative effects of ageing and also gain greater flexibility and balance (50% improvement in balance)

C.L.Richman & H. Renberg. 1986.(International Journal of Sports Psychology.) 17: (3) 234 – 239 The development of self esteem through martial arts self defence provides a more positive response to physical challenge.

M.E.Trulson 1986. Journal of Sports Psychology. Human Relations: 39: 1131 – 1140 He calls martial arts self defence classes a novel “cure” for juvenile delinquency.

Dr. A.F. Melhim published a study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine where he noted that Taekwondo can be used to improve & maintain anaerobic power in adolescent males.

In fact, findings have proven that you can benefit in a physical, mental and spiritual way through martial arts self defence training , as well as overcome depression, anxiety and stress.

Physical Benefits of Focus Martial Arts Self Defence Brisbane

Not only will you look and feel much better, but self defence training will also sharpen reflexes, strengthen your body, promote flexibility, balance, agility, build stamina and increase energy levels. Isn’t this a great reason to stop being a couch potato. Look at how much you have to gain.

Mental Health Benefits of Taekwondo Classes

Focus Martial Arts Self Defence Instructors have the know-how to implement the necessary steps in the development of mental discipline that challenges and stimulates the mind. COGNITIVE (thinking, reasoning remembering, imagining, learning) BENEFITS help relieve anger – stress – anxiety – frustration – depression and fear. Through a time tested method of self defence instruction that will help calm the mind, you will find your mental fortitude.

Weight Loss And Health Benefits Of Self Defence Training

Another important benefit of Focus Martial Arts Self Defence Brisbane classes is fitness is your level of fitness will improve through “working out”. Exercising without putting unnecessary strain on the body is one of our prime objectives. This is why all ages are catered for.

Weight control and weight loss is a major benefit, especially considering our population is adversely affected by obesity. The varying and underlying problems associated with obesity would escalate if not resolved. So, in the long run, self defence training is a godsend. Disease prevention and health maintenance is available for all ages.


The added benefits of character building, life skills, physical health improvements and mental health enrichment that are gained with learning Taekwondo are numerous and when combined with the mastering of self defence that can save your life – it certainly is a sport and hobby people of all ages should consider. So, try self defence and Taekwondo classes in Brisbane with Focus Martial Arts – ask about our FREE trial program. You will be glad you did.

Let’s work together to keep ourselves and our children healthy and active and keep their mind alert with the help of self defence training.